Company Profile

Guangxi Huayuan Metal Chemical Co., Ltd.
 was established in 2014, located in Daren Industrial Park, Hechi City, Guangxi,China, is a state-owned Guangxi Xijiang Development and Investment Group to participate in a mixed economic enterprise.
 Registered capital 133 million yuan, total investment 330 million yuan.
 Xijiang development and investment group in Hechi local antimony resources as raw materials to build a complete antimony industry chain of non-ferrous metal chemical enterprises.
 It was completed and put into operation in 2018.
 Guangxi Xijiang Group and Guangxi China tin Group are subsidiaries of Guangxi Beibu Gulf International Port Group.
 At present the main products are registered trademark   "Huayuan brand" high-quality antimony ingot, catalyst grade antimony trioxide, ordinary flame retardant grade antimony trioxide, ethylene glycol antimony, antimony sulfide, sodium pyroantimonate.
" The annual production capacity of antimony products is 15000 tons.
 The company is committed to becoming a one-stop antimony products global supplier.
 The company has strong technical force, domestic first-class innovation, advanced production technology, stable raw material supply, complete industrial chain, perfect international quality management system, occupational health and safety management system, environmental management system.
 The high purity antimony produced by electrochemical method has the purity of 99.98%.
 It is the only high quality antimony ingot produced on a large scale in the world.
 The catalyst antimony trioxide used in polyester with high purity antimony as raw material has higher purity and better catalytic activity than other similar products at home and abroad.
 Its crystal form, particle size distribution, light stability, solubility and dispersion in ethylene glycol all reach the high quality level of the same kind of products in the world.
 As a Polycondensation catalyst, the unit consumption is less and the polyester chips produced are of better quality.
 The company's innovative ethylene glycol antimony production process, with a special function of impurity removal.
 The product impurity content is lower, has good solubility, light stability, catalytic activity.
 As a new generation of upgraded polyester catalyst, the antimony content of polyester chips and melts can be reduced obviously, the hue of polyester chips can be improved, and the quality of polyester chips can be improved.
 We always adhere to the "focus on antimony industry, quality first, customer first, accurate service" principle, dedicated to serve domestic and foreign users, with our high-quality products, help your business more excellent.


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