antimony trioxide - dust free


Wetting Agent Sb2O3 As2O3 PbO Particle Size
Dry Basis 99.5%(≥) 0.05%(≤) 0.08%(≤) 0.1-0.8
EG.DOP.DIDP 92% 0.05% 0.08% 0.1-0.8

It is in fine particle with high dispersivity. It leaves the antimony trioxide powder in light wet state after the chemical treatment of its surface, so as to clean the dust that brings harm to persons in operation and to achieve effective retardation and plastication. This product is mainly applied as retardant additive and plastication for polyvinyl Chloride, synthetic fiber, synthetic rubber and vinylite.
In accordance with the request of users, it can be supplied in different kinds of organic polymeis in proportions such as mineral oil, chlori olefin monoethylene glyool, DOP, DIDP etc.
CAS Number: 1309-64-4
Appearance:  White powder
Chemical formula:Sb2O3
Molecular weight:291.5
Melting point: 656°c
Boiling point:1425°c
Specific gravity: 5.2
Solubility: soluble in HCL and tartaric acid; insoluble in water and acetic acid.


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